When I Grow Up Day – Pretend City

Maruska —  August 8, 2017

Join Pretend City Children’s Museum for their annual When I Grow Up Day on Thursday, August 10th at 10am. Professionals from all over the community are coming together to share their professional careers with all their little friends! A real firetruck, SWAT vehicle, trash truck along with multiple other professional vehicles will be open for exploring! This is a great opportunity for families to explore what their little ones want to be when they grow up!

“I remember getting asked what I wanted to be when I grew up multiple times, and, frankly, I had no clue until I reached college. When I Grow Up Day gives kids a chance to find their answers and set big goals and dreams for themselves. It gives them a chance to build their future and shape their development, while still being creative and fun,” said Pretend City’s Director of Education Shannon Huston.

Firefighters, police officers, librarians, zookeepers, and so much more from all over, will be at Pretend City from 10am-2pm to answer every question about their professional career. A firetruck, two buses, a police car, a trash truck, a CHP vehicle, a motorcycle, and a unique banana car will be open to the public in the free outdoor exhibit. Entrance into the museum to meet the professionals is priced at regular admission costs.

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