Statewide kid-friendly Science Project that will Help the Community

Maruska —  May 5, 2014

The University of California is planning a statewide one-day science project that will be fun to do with the kids and will only take a couple of minutes. So let’s all participate to help them collect information about our pollinators, food, and water resources so that we can build a more secure future.

Participating is super easy and after you submit your answers you can watch their online maps that automatically populate with data coming in from all over California. So let’s make sure that everyone in California knows how much we care in Orange County!


Any time on Thursday May 8, 2014.



This one is really fun. Just sit outside with your kids and have them count how many pollinators they see in three minutes. If they don’t know how to count, just have them point out anything that flies and then you can count them.

Pollinators you should look for: bees, birds, bats, beetles, butterflies, flies, moths, and wasps. 


This project gathers information about how your family conserves water. All you need to do is check all the boxes that apply to your family.


If you know of a garden, farm, or aquaculture system close to you, click on it on the map and then check all the boxes that are correct. 

How to submit your answers:

Go to and click on Pollinators, Water or Food. Then enter your address for the pollinators and water projects. For the food project, click on the map where the garden/farm is located. Then just enter your answers. Very easy!