Snow Tubing near Orange County

Maruska —  January 2, 2018

snow-play-in-orange-countyGet ready for a fun day with the kids at one of the 6 snow tubing parks near Orange County. Before heading to the mountains, please make sure to check the park’s website to verify their snow condition. As of January 2, 2018, all the parks below are open except for the North Pole Tubing Park.

  1. North Pole Tubing Park, Mountain High in Wrightwood. It takes about 90 minutes to get there from Irvine. This is the largest facility in SoCal. They have up to 10 lanes and two moving carpets that get you back up the hill. Kids need to be at least 36” to ride. Kids between 36” and 42” need to ride with an adult next to them. That is you both get an inner tube and you hold hands while sliding down the mountain. Price $25-$30 per person/2 hours, $25 if between 36”-42”. Parking is free. Click here for more information.
  2. Mt. Baldy Tubing  Park, is the closest tubing park to Orange County, around 60 minutes from Irvine. Kids need to be at least 36” to ride. Kids between 36” and 41” need to ride with an adult. To reach the tubing area, you need to get on the Sugar Pine Chair Lift which might make some kids uneasy. Also, they don’t have moving carpets so you are going to have to walk back up the hill after each tubing run. Prices vary all the time, so you need to make sure you check their website for more information. Parking is $5 (I think). Click here for more information. NEW in 2018: participants have to be at least 40 inches to participate. 
  3. Snow Valley Snow Play is about 90 minutes from Irvine. They claim to have the longest runs in the region.  At this location they will provide sleds instead of tubes and you will also be required to take a chairlift ride to get to the sled area.  No moving carpets here either. Prices vary between $16-$37 per person for a full day which will include the chairlift ride and the sled rental. No height or age requirements. Click here for more information.
  4. Big Bear Snow Play is about two hours from Irvine. They claim to be the largest and oldest snow tubing park in SoCal. They have 7 lanes and one moving carpet so you don’t have to struggle up the hill.  $30-$35 per person for unlimited rides. Kids need to be at least 2 years old. Kids, ages 2-6, ride free with paying adult and must ride on the same inner tube. One adult per child. Click here for more information.
  5. Snow Play at Alpine Slide is also in Big Bear and about two hours from Irvine. The information they provide online is pretty much the same as for the Big Bear Snow Play; in fact I first thought they were the same location. Same price, same number of lanes, and they both have one moving carpet. The only difference is that the Alpine Slide is 15 minutes closer to Orange County and they also offer “dry” slides which are a quarter-mile long cement tracks that you can ride with a sled on wheels.  Click here for more information.
  6. Snow Drift in Running Springs is about 90 minutes from Irvine.  They offer beginner, intermediate and advanced slopes. $17 per person per hour. Children 36” tall or under are free with paid adult. Parking is $5. Click here for more information.

Summary of Snow Tubing Parks near Orange County: Snow Tubing in Orange County

  • Tubing parks for young kids (below 36”): Snow Valley Snow Play, Snow Drift, Big Bear Snow Play, and Alpine Slide.
  • Tubing parks with moving carpets: North Pole Tubing Park, Big Bear Snow Play, and Alpine Slide.
  • Cheapest Tubing Park: Snow Drift
  • Want to tube all day long? Go to Snow Valley Snow Play, Big Bear Snow Play, and Alpine Slide. Price includes a full day of tubing.
  • Want to avoid going on a chair lift? Avoid Mr. Baldy Tubing Park and Snow Valley
  • Closest snow tubing park? Mt. Baldy Tubing Park
  • Tubing parks free for young kids? Big Bear Snow Play and Alpine Slide (free for ages 2-6 with paying adult) and Snow Drift (free for children under 36” with paying adult).
  • Want the tubing park with the longest and best runs? Not sure which one it is. They all seem to claim they are the best Smile.

Be Aware:

Some of the parks only accept cash, so make sure to bring some (actually lots) with you. For sure both Snow Play parks in Big Bear only accept cash but I am not sure about the other locations.