Girls in The Garage

Maruska —  January 10, 2018

Girls in The GarageYou are going to love this! Girls in the Garage is a fun program for women to learn the basics of car maintenance and upkeep…and it is completely free, and it includes free food, and drinks, and music. Should I go on, or are you already planning your next Girls Night Out?

I consider myself a very independent woman, but when it comes to car, I definitely need help… because I am helpless. Three weeks ago a warning light showed that the pressure of my tire was low. My husband was out of town, I refused to call AAA for something so silly, so I decided to go to the closest gas station and give that tire some air. You should have seen me. Well, it is probably better you didn’t see me. So when I saw this free program I jumped on the opportunity and planned a GNO with some friends.


What you should know:

  • They have 12 car stations set up and you get to learn how to check engine oil and fluid level, how to change a tire, how to check the pressure of your tires (yeah!), and so much more.
  • Their website mentioned they have refreshments, but it was fully catered with drinks, pizzas, sushi, chicken, cake, cookies, drinks. You can basically have dinner there.
  • If you complete at least 7 stations then you can spin a wheel and get a free prize. We did all 12 stations and by the time we were done, we were the last one there and the wheel was put away. So we didn’t get to spin, but we got to learn lots of stuff.
  • They even had a DJ and a dance “competition”. I don’t know if they always have a DJ, but I personally thought the music was way too loud. Maybe I am just getting old. 
  • There were many kids during the first hour. I personally don’t think this event is for kids. I think it should be for adults or driving teenagers. You know I am all about the kids, but maybe this time, leave them at home.
  • This event is from 5pm to 8pm. You can stop by at any time and go through the stations at your own pace. We got there around 5:40pm and we were the last one to leave at around 8pm. So it took us over 2 hours to go through all the stations. But again, you don’t have to. It is totally up to you.
  • You don’t need to RSVP. Just show up!
  • Do I recommend it? Yes, absolutely. It was fun, educational, and free!


First Wednesday of Every Month
5pm – 8 pm
No need to RSVP


Mission Viejo Transmission & Auto Repair
27220 La Paz, RD, Suite M
Mission Viejo, CA 92692