Very Eric Carle Exhibit Now at the Discovery Cube

Maruska —  March 2, 2017

Very Eric Carle Exhibit at Discovery CubeGet ready for spring by stepping into the brightly colored world of Eric Carle’s beloved picture books! Young imaginations take flight like butterflies with tactile, interactive exhibits at the Very Eric Carle Exhibit, now open at the Discovery Cube.

Watch your kiddos pretend to be storybook bugs, wear butterfly wings to wade through huge blades of grass, and build their own spider web with stretchy, colorful cloth.

Based on the five books in the “Very” series (The Very Quiet Cricket, The Very Busy Spider, The Very Lonely Firefly, The Very Clumsy Click Beetle, and everyone’s favorite, The Very Hungry Caterpillar) the Very Eric Carle Exhibit is, well, very engaging for young children.


  • Projected butterfly wings that get their coloring from shapes you place on a light table
  • A giant walk-through exhibit of the Very Hungry Caterpillar story
  • A moonlit wall where fireflies, crickets and other bugs light up when you touch them
  • A magic path where digital dragonflies sense your shadow and follow you
  • A spider web you can build using stretchy cloth
  • Huge velveteen blades of “grass” that you can wade through – or hide in – like a click beetle
  • Giant flowers and rocks to climb on as if you were a bug
  • Wooden keys you play to make wooden click beetles jump around noisily
  • Butterfly wings that you can wear to be your own beautiful butterfly
  • Digital yard where you can chase ladybugs projected on the carpet
  • Reading area where you can cuddle with your little one and read their favorite Eric Carle book, or introduce them to a new one
  • Block table where you can explore the geometry of Carle’s art by building your own
  • Wind tunnel, which may be familiar because it’s sometimes located elsewhere in Discovery Cube, but always a favorite of my preschooler
  • Art room with drawers exploring the colors and textures that Carle used in his unique illustrations, with a table and colored pencils for you to make your own art. This is probably the most appealing part for older children – and they can spend lots of time there making their own art while the younger ones play
  • Array of Eric Carle toys and goodies in the gift store


Know Before You Go:

  • This exhibit is geared toward younger children, ages 2 to 8. But the info on Eric Carle’s life history and the lessons behind each of the books in the series is interesting to older children and adults.
  • You don’t need to have read all of the books in the “Very” series to enjoy the exhibit. But if you want, the books are available on site to read as you enter.
  • Consider bringing your own set of wings – fairy or butterfly – If you have a kid who absolutely loves to play dress up. There are a limited number of wings to wear on site.
  • The gift shop is loaded with great Eric Carle merchandise and is right next to the exhibit. Consider yourself warned.
  • It can get crowded.
  • Parking is $5, or you can park at Main Place Mall for free and walk over
  • Healthy, kidfriendly snacks and meals are available at the Discovery Cube’s remodeled cafe.
  • Teachers get in free! Just bring in a copy of your credential. Plus they have other promotional days on their website.


Discovery Cube Orange County campus
2500 N. Main St.
Santa Ana, CA 92705


$17.95 for adults
$12.95 for children 3-14
Free for children 2 and under 


Saturday, January 28 through Sunday, May 14, 2017

Open Daily, 10am-5pm.



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