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Muth Interpretive Center

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A visit to the Muth Interpretive Center is a must for all Orange County families. This 10,000-square-foot educational facility is dedicated to the preservation of the Upper Newport Bay, the largest of only a few remaining natural estuaries in Southern California. This wonderful place has tons of free activities that will entertain you and your kids for several hours. 

Free Activities at the Muth Interpretive Center:

  • Lots of exhibits and interactive displays that teach you about the wildlife of the Upper Newport bay.
  • Watch the award-winning “Saltmarsh Seasons” in the Ray and Elsa Watson Theater.
  • Check out live reptile and amphibian displays.
  • Have fun with animal puppets, puzzles, books and crafts.
  • Take a walk or a bike ride around the bay and look for birds, fish and animals that hang out in the area. Do you know that Upper Newport Bay is an important rest stop for birds migrating from Canada and Alaska? Up to 30,000 birds can be seen here on any one day during the winter months.

Other Kids’s Activities at the Muth Interpretive Center:

  • On Friday morning from 10:30-11:30 they have super fun parent & child classes which may include arts and crafts, storytelling, live animal presentation, hands-on activities and a nature walk. The class is $5 per child and it is well worth it. Reservations are preferred so that they can make sure they have enough craft material for everyone. For ages 2-5. To register call (949) 923 2275 or email

Other Activities close by:

  • Free: explore the Back Bay Science Center, tour the teaching lab and aquarium tanks, visit the touch pool touch tank, and do some bird watching. Every Sunday from 10am-2pm. Click here for more info.
  • Free: see the diverse plants, birds and other wildlife of six distinct habitats as you take a self-guided tour on a ½ mile nature trail starting at the Big Canyon parking lot. Click here for more info. 
  • For a fee: on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 12pm you can join an experienced naturalist for a guided kayak tour of the back bay. $25/person, ages 8 and up. Click here for more info. 
  • For a fee: you can also rent a kayak any day of the week for $15/hour ($20/hour for a two person kayak). Ages 8 and up. Click here for more info.


2301 University Avenue, Newport Beach, 92660

Opening Hours:

Tuesday – Sunday: 10am – 4pm.
Free admission, free parking.

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Tucker Wildlife SanctuaryTucker Wildlife Sanctuary is another hidden gem in Orange County. Located in the heart of Modjeska Canyon, this sanctuary includes family-friendly nature trails, a bird observation porch, a sensory garden, and lots and lots of wildlife. They even have a wonderful Natural Science Center with interactive exhibits, live animals, animal taxidermy, and several children’s activities. This is an amazing place to visit with kids of all ages.

Inside the Natural Science Center

Inside the Natural Science Center

Things You Should Know:

  • The drive itself is quite an adventure. Just a few minutes after leaving Lake Forest, you start seeing horses in people’s backyards. Once we got closer to the Sanctuary we had to stop because several chickens were crossing the street. You totally feel like you are in another world.
  • There are several picnic tables just outside the nature center, so feel free to bring a picnic.
  • You can use a stroller to explore the Oakwood trail located across the street from the nature center. However, you will need a baby carrier to explore the sensory trail or the Chaparral trail which are the two trails next to the Natural Science Center.
  • The sensory garden can be walked easily by toddlers and preschoolers since it is really short.
  • The Chaparral Trail is short but it is a little steep, so your toddler might not like it. But give it a try. It is worth it. Preschoolers and older kids can easily walk this trail.
  • You can park across the street from the Natural Science Center for free.
  • There are lots of animals living in this area, so your kids can look for track casts along the trails. You can use this map to try to identify them.
Chapparal Trail

Chapparal Trail


Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary
29322 Modjeska Canyon
Silverado, CA, 92676


Tuesday-Sunday 9am-4pm. Closed on Monday and major holidays.



Oakwood Trail across the street from the Natural Science Center

Oak Canyon Nature CenterThe Oak Canyon Nature Center is a beautiful natural park that is really fun to visit with kids of all ages. There is a fantastic Interpretive Center with all kinds of neat stuff to explore, and a large beautiful trail system that provides your family with a great outdoor adventure. Just a lot of fun and free.

What to find inside the Interpretive Center:

  • Taxidermied Animals: There are probably over one hundred of them from local birds and mammals, to all kinds of insects (not sure if these are taxidermied or dried…but they are the ones pinned to a board). Yes, they are a little creepy but it gives you and your kids a chance to look at these animals up close.
  • Live animals: snakes, hissing cockroaches, a tarantula, and a bearded dragon.
  • Touch table with all kinds of neat stuff to explore such as animal fur and skeleton pieces.
  • Lots of books

The trails:

  • Perfect for kids: the trails are just beautiful, very woodsy, and short enough so that even young kids can walk and explore the nature. The trails walk time is between 5 to 28 minutes. So you can pick and choose the ones that work for your family.
  • Lots of shade everywhere which means you can visit even during the hot summer months.
  • Strollers: if you have a little one and would like to take a stroller, you can but it needs to be an all-terrain stroller, not an umbrella stroller. Some trails are better than others for strollers but I took it everywhere. Once in awhile there was a step but I just lifted the stroller and kept on going.
  • Don’t forget to visit the mining exhibit, the oldest Oak tree and the Heritage Butterfly Garden.
  • My favorite trail? The stream trail that runs along a beautiful stream and has several wooden bridges to cross.


Interpretive Center: open Saturdays and Sundays 10am-4pm. 

Trails: open sunrise to sunset seven days a week.


Oak Canyon Nature Center, 6700 E. Walnut Canyon Road, Anaheim, CA, 92807

More Details:

Click here for more information about the interpretive center.

Click here for info about the trails at the Oak Canyon Nature center,