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Kids-Bowl-for-Free It is time to sign up for “Kids Bowl Free”. Registering is completely free and each registered child receives 2 FREE games of bowling EVERY day all summer long. Actually you can start playing on the first day of the program at your participating center, which was March 1st, 2017 for Irvine.
Some information you might like to know:
  • The first time I took my girl bowling she was only 2 1/2 years old. You can see her in action in the picture using the “slide”. And next to us there was a 20-month-old girl who made a strike a couple of times! So make sure you sign up your little ones as well.
  • There are three participating locations in Orange County: Concourse Entertainment Center in Anaheim, Fountain Bowl in Fountain Valley, and Irvine Lanes in Irvine.
  • Each player needs to have bowling shoes. At Irvine Lanes you can buy a shoe rental pass for $12 that is good for 6 months! So my kids can bowl for 6 months for $12…which is pretty awesome! I am not sure if the other two bowling alleys offer the same deal. Just give them a call to find out, or just sign up at the Irvine Lanes if it is not too far from you.
  • At the Irvine Lanes, the smallest shoe size they have is size 6!
  • When you sign up, they give you the option to pay $26.95 for you and 3 other adults to bowl with your kids all summer long. The last couple of years I didn’t pay and had fun just helping my kids, but I might do it this year. By the way, you don’t need to sign up immediately, you can do it later on and normally they offer you a discount if you “refuse” the upgrade a couple of times ;).

So for $12 my kids can go bowling daily for 6 months! I just signed up again!

To register, visit
Discovery Days

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Do you know that Centennial farm has discovery days open to the public once or twice a month? These are completely free events.

During your visit the kids can see a milking demonstration (9:30am only), pet a chick, plant and take home a radish and of course explore the farm which is home to pigs, chickens, cattle, goats, and fruit/vegetable gardens. You can also stop at the many educational stations located around the farm. Fantastic!

Almost forgot, you are welcome to take any of the freshly picked produce in their produce bin. It is free but they ask that you place a donation in the box next to it. Last time we took 4 delicious carrots and they were in our bellies by the time we got home.

So that you know, the Discovery Days take place during the week in the morning, from 9am to 12pm. If you can’t make it to one of these events, you can always visit the Centennial farm Mon-Fri 1pm-4pm, and Sat/Sun 9am-4pm. You won’t get to see the milking demonstrations, pet a chick, plant a radish  or check out the educational stations, but all the animals will still be there and kids just love it.

Next event:

Friday May 5th, 2017Click here for more information and to see all the dates on which this event takes place. Reservations are only required for groups of 6+ children.

Fullerton Arboretum - Free Family outing in OC

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The Fullerton Arboretum in one of my favorite places to explore with the kids. It is never crowded, free, easily accessible and such a great adventure for everyone.

The main purpose of the Fullerton Arboretum is to provide their visitors the opportunity to learn about plants, but for families with young kids this place becomes a fantastic natural playground: beautiful trails, weird looking plants everywhere, lots of places to hide, large trees to climb. And lots of wildlife: we saw tons of lizards, butterflies, all kinds of birds, and blue dragonflies. Also, the pond has lots of turtles swimming around and large red fish. It is such a great outdoor adventure! 

More Information:

Click here for opening hours and address.