Boomers Buccaneer Cove – Water Park in Orange County – Amazing Deal

Maruska —  June 15, 2017
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Buccaneer Cove at Boomers! Irvine is one of the only three water parks in Orange County. At this new Orange County attraction kids can enjoy four different water slides and a large splash pad with interactive spray cannons, fountains, and many other water features.

What to expect:

  • There are four slides for kids that are at least 36” tall. Based on what my kids told me, the Red Tunnel Slide is the slowest. Then there is the Red Open Slide which is also fairly slow and it is the only one that is open. The Yellow Tunnel slide is faster, and it is the tallest and the longest. And lastly the Blue Tunnel slide which seemed to be the most popular since the ride is in complete darkness.
  • Kids under 36” are free but I believe they need to be accompanied by a paying adult. They can enjoy the splash pad and the kiddie water slide. Update: their website now says kids 2 and under are free.
  • You only pay the full price if you plan to go on the slides. But if you decide to just watch the kids, you still need to pay $5 to enter the water area.
  • The water is fairly cold so I suggest you go on a very hot day. When we went it was over 80 degrees and my kids were shaking within 30 minutes.

Be Aware:

  • Seating: The seating arrangement is not great. Chairs are all very close together and it might be hard to find one available so don’t expect to spend a restful afternoon reading books while your kids are having fun. You might be lying on cement under the scorching sun :).
  • Shade: There is no shade unless you rent a cabana!
  • Crowded: We went during the week at around 2:30pm and at that time it was hard to find a seat but around 3pm people started to leave and by 4pm we were were pretty much on our own. So I would suggest you go during the week after 2pm.
  • Money: The cost is for a whole day of fun but the kids were done and cold after 90 minutes. I feel it is an expensive outing for only 90 minutes but if you manage to stay all day it might be worth it. However, I feel it is totally worth it if you purchase the deal below.
  • Food/Drinks: They don’t let you bring your own food or drinks in the water area, so no picnic, sorry!

Worth it?

If you have kids 5 and under I would take advantage of the many free splash pads in Orange County so you don’t risk that the kids are too cold/scared and want to go home after thirty minutes. If your have older kids that think splash pads are boring then the Buccaneer Cove might be good for them.

Update: check out the deal below. It is totally worth it if you purchase this deal.


$19.99 for ages 3+
Chaperone Pass:$5 (just to access the area, not valid for use of slides)

Parking is free.

Current Deal:  

Pay $29.99 to get admission to Buccaneer Cove every day for four hours until they close on September 4th, 2017. 


Open weekends May 29th – June 11th, 2017. Open daily June 11th – September 4th.

Mon-Fri; 11am-6pm
Sat-Sun: 11am-7pm


3405 Michelson Drive, Irvine, Orange County, 92612


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