Boo at the Zoo – Great Halloween Event

Maruska —  October 3, 2017

boo-at-the-zoo-santa-ana-zooBoo at the Zoo is the perfect combination of trick-or-treating, Halloween activities, decorations, animals, carousel/train rides, crafts, photo ops, and lots of great prizes. It is such a great relaxing family outing with no big lines, no stress, just lots of fun for everyone. Below are some of the great activities we got to experience in the past. 

What to expect:

  • Trick-or-treating: they have 10 trick or treat stations scattered around the zoo. So while you leisurely walk and check out some of their nocturnal animals, you get to stop at their stations and get some fun prizes. I have to say that the treats/prizes were great, not the usual sugary candy. In the past, we got lemonade, Noosa yoghurt, Disney bracelets, books, small toys, some candies, and more!
  • Food Allergies: Santa Ana Zoo is participating in the OC Teal Pumpkin project and offer allergy-friendly takeaways for kids with food allergies! 
  • Animals: you won’t be able to see all the animals which are normally at the zoo…which is good because you wouldn’t have time to do everything :). But you will get to see several animals including camels, an eagle, pigs, birds, and many monkeys. 
  • Storytime is normally offered between 6pm at 8pm at the farm. You can stop by at any time.
  • Animal presentations: you get to see several animals up close and learn about them. Don’t miss those because they are super fun for everyone. 
  • Carousel and train rides (not included in the price of admission)
  • Games: they vary every year, but they are normally very cute and give the kids the opportunity to win great prizes. One of the game is normally located next to the train station which is easy to miss.
  • Costume parade: The parade is normally at 7:30pm in front of the entrance.
  • Teen scream hunted house: sorry, I get scared easily so I didn’t dare but I watched several adults and teenagers going in and heard them screaming and then running out giggling. So if you dare, it is probably fun. Recommended for ages 13+.
  • Bug House:  also really fun. You get to see and even pet lots of little creepy critters and learn about them.
  • Food: if you don’t want to bring a picnic your can purchase Hot Dogs, chips, and drinks!



  • Buy tickets online in advance to avoid to stand in line on the night of the event.
  • All the kids and also many parents wore costumes. So if you have a costume, wear it!
  • Visit the monkeys first before you stop at the bug house or at the farm. You will find several trick-or-treat stations on the trails and you get to see the monkeys and other animals before it gets too dark. The bug house and the farm are nicely lit up so you can visit those later.



$19.95 for non-members.
$9.95 for members.
Free for children under 2.

IMPORTANT: I was told that if you go to this event with someone who is a member you also pay $9.95. So as long as one member is present, everyone in their party will get the discount.

A family membership is $89 for unlimited admission for 2 adults and 4 children. 

Parking is free

Click here to purchase tickets.


Saturday October 21, 2017: 5:30pm – 8pm
Sunday October 22, 2017: 5:30pm – 8 pm
Saturday October 28, 2017:  5:30pm – 8pm
Sunday October 29, 2017: 5:30pm – 8pm


Santa Ana Zoo, 1801 E. Chestnut Avenue, Santa Ana, CA, 92701


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